artists get a 15% royalty of all sales of their shirts

There is no charge to the artist when submitting artwork, they just make money forever during our run of their designs. Our goal is to allow artists to put their work on T-shirts with no disadvantages or corporate catch.

a gentle guide on what to submit

We pretty much accept anything, however we have some requirements for screen printing.

Inked illustrations work best. Designs that use negative space creatively and use a limited color palette effectively is far more likely to be put on shirts. If we see issues with your designs we will work with you to develop your piece so it’s suitable for print.

We are very open with subject matter, memes, vector art, hand drawn pieces are all welcome. What we value is originality and creativity. Try to steer away from anything too vulgar or horrific.


what we do not accept

We do not accept copyright material, ALL WORK MUST BE ORIGINAL.

Why only ink and why only one color?

Silk screening is a weird but efficient process, which involves making a stencil using a design, then putting paint through the stencil onto a shirt. that means that the design can only be crisp lines and solid colors. We process all graphics through Photoshop or Illustrator to get perfectly crisp images.

While we can make multiple stencils for each color, right now we only have a single color press, although we hope to get a four color press soon.


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WE are looking for multi color designs

Right now we are in the process of getting a four color printing setup, so we are keeping an eye out for new illustrations with a palette up to four colors. We’ve also made a style guide for new artists thinking of submitting in this catagory.

have any questions?

If you have questions about absolutely anything, please don’t be afraid to reach out, we are always happy to talk. We can discuss your work, and do our best to get your work on some shirts.

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